Clients indicate their needs and objectives and then select the content that they would like to work on from below:

  1. Preparation for Certification (TOEIC, BULATS)
  2. Business Skills
  • Presentation: explaining processes, trends, graphs, updates, experiences
  • Meetings: running or participating in meetings
  • Emailing: writing quickly, getting your point across
  • Telephoning: calling and responding to calls
  • Conference Calls: participating or leading a confcall
  • Negotiation: clarifying interests
  • Socializing: making small talk
  • Networking: making your pitch
  • Storytelling: bringing discussions alive
  • Interviewing: answering questions effectively
  • Clarity of Expression: constructing phrases like a “native’; getting to the point
  • Business Writing: completing and editing documents
  • Social Media: getting your point across in 140 words or less
  • Cross cultural communications: building rapport
  1. Language Skills
  • Speaking (expressing yourself, diplomatically, spontaneously)
  • Listening (accents)
  • Pronunciation (difficulties for French speakers)
  • Writing (minutes, reports, emails, CV, cover letter, social media)
  • Reading (documents, articles)
  1. Grammar
  • Basics: tenses, modals, prepositions, linking verbs..
  1. Vocabulary
  • General vocabulary, general business, specialized professional, false friends, idiomatic, phrasal verbs..