About Kushi

About Kushi

Kushi, which means happiness in Punjabi, has as its mission:

  • to assist people in – becoming better communicators and achieving their goals / potential – by increasing their clarity, emotional intelligence and their professional English ability.
  • to create an environment where the trainee is in the zone and learning and solution-discovery can flow easily.

Kushi provides English for business and solution-oriented coaching.  The principal trainer Roopin, who has experience in the world of business and training, uses various tools, techniques and her experience to provide quality coaching and training on Ile-de-France.

Solution-oriented coaching sessions help clients clarify goals, prioritize and develop action plans.  Kushi training courses include the use of coaching tools which boost trainees clarity of their communication messages and help build confidence.

Kushi works directly with clients and also has partnerships with ARAXI formations and Les Langues à la Carte to deliver training to professionals from junior managers to C-suite executives and operational employees in global companies.  These partners are companies with a strict work ethic and quality training methodology and processes.

Kushi is present in two professional English training networks:  The Language Network as a coaching and training member (around 1000 independents or companies in France) and Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages as a training member only (English trainers present in France and internationally).  The 2 networks support trainers by organizing meetings which facilitate the exchange of experience and information on: new pedagogical supports, ways to run classes, the French training market, trainer development, amongst many other subjects.